In response to the requirements of the modern business reality and aiming at the continuous improvement of its organizational structure and internal communication, viewing on ensuring faster and better response to the demands and expectations of its stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers/subcontractors, external consultants/ collaborators and local community), TRACOFIN Ltd. has developed and applies a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of International Standard ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 and a Food Safety Management System in accordance with IFS Broker Private Protocol.

TRACOFIN Ltd. Food Quality and Food Management System covers the international food trade and has been designed according to the company’s needs and aspirations as reflected in the Quality Manual of the Organization and the Quality Objectives.

TRACOFIN Ltd. Administration:

    • having ensured all the necessary resources and personnel to implement the Quality and Safety Policy
    • having ensured the trustful and moral involvement of all of its human resources for the realization of this goal
    • having taken its customers’ requirements, legislation and production processes into particular account
    • with sensitivity to the protection of the environment
    • with respect to labor rights and providing equal training and development opportunities for all its employees,
    • committed to provide resources in order to develop the culture of food safety
    • by constantly applying its quality policy to better and faster fulfillment of the requirements and expectations of the interested parties to maximize their satisfaction, during a continuous relationship is focused on satisfying the requirements of standards for product safety and quality and faithful observance of specifications.

At the same time, TRACOFIN Ltd. Administration ensures effective use of the tools offered by the Food Quality and Safety Management System to ensure its continuous relevance, efficiency, sustainability and improvement. These tools are:

  • Establishment, monitoring and review of Quality and Safety Objectives and Programmes
  • Internal Audits
  • Implementation of Corrective Measures
  • Management Review
  • Risk Management
  • Tracking of Changes, and
  • Increasing Business Knowledge

TRACOFIN Ltd. has communicated this effort to all interested parties and invites them to support its work.


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